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Assisting those that need a hand in life is a duty that we all have as humans’ ‘However small a part you might play can be critical to the poorest’ ‘Add all those small parts all together can make a big difference to those in need’ 50p can make a difference but it’s not just the money that you assist with but also with your, ideas, volunteering, coordinating, research, highlighting the cause and much more. We welcome all feedback.

Feed a hungry Child how does this help?

By providing a regular meal for the poorest children which often prevents parents from sending their kids to school as often it’s a choice between food, school, or sending a child to work.

In the long term children that are able to attend school if the meal is already taken care of tend to perform better at school which can lead to a brighter future, potentially lifting the whole family out of the poverty cycle.
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  • Raise Funds for us
  • Provide Ideas and Feed back
  • Volunteer

Whilst the core aim of Bapa’s Meals is to feed the poorest children in the poorest families so that families have less pressure allowing them to send their children to school instead of keeping them at home or to work therefore creating a better future for the children, which can assist the whole family by lifting them out of poverty.

However in the short term when emergencies arise in various parts of the world unexpectedly we want to be there to do what we can in their hour of need. For example, recently the Oxygen crisis in India when me and my wife Neeta did a charity climb of Mount Snowdon in North Wales in June 21′ to raise awareness and money on behalf of The British Asian Trust founded by King Charles III, that deliver quality development programmes in South East Asia.