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About Us

I have for several for several years considered getting more involved in the charity sector however due to a busy working and family life the years have passed by, In July 2017 my father Kuandanlal passed away and this marked a turning point in my thinking in that life is kind of short and wanting to do something in memory of my dad the idea of Bapa’s Meals was formed however, it has taken another 5 years to become a reality, Bapa in Sanskrit means ‘ Father’ so Bapa’s Meals in other words translates to Father’s Meals.

So here begins a new journey to do a little bit of good in a world full of needs and inequalities where resources are a plenty but not shared fairly.
I am looking forward to this journey with passion and determination and would welcome you to join me, lets make a difference together!

Bapa’s Meals is a non profit making community interest Company formed to make a difference in the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable where ever that may be on our planet.

Whilst the core aim is the food programme we may look to assist in other ways in the future depending on support and circumstances of the project and whether it can be done within the frame of the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies in the UK.